Alien Bog - Beautiful Soop

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During her year as first director of The Tape Music Center at Mills Callege (now Center for Cantemporary Music-CCM) in Oakland, California. Pauline Oliveras completed Beautiful Soop (1966) and Alien Bog (1967) utilizing the original Buchla Box 100 series created for the Tape Music Center by Dan Buchla and her tape delay system. The take up reel was on tape machine I and the playback reel on tape machine II. Through patching the playback signals from tracks 1-4 were re-routed back to the recording head of machine I in a variety of configurations controlled by the composer. An excerpt of Alien Bog was released on an album Music From Mills - produced by David Rosenboom in 1986. Beautiful Soop is released for the first time.

"I was deeply impressed by the sounds from the frog pond outside the studio window at Mills. I loved the accompaniment as I worked on my pieces. Though I never recorded the frogs I was of course influenced by their music. Since that time many other composers have also been influenced by the sounds from the pond. Sadly, the pond will soon give way to a new building to expand the quarters of the CCM. It will no doubt be haunted by ghost frogs!" -Pauline Oliveros


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